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Ganga Ma

Whether I practice asana, sing a devotional prayer or paint a yantra, the invitation is always the same: to surrender and return to the effortless, sacred flow. 

Singing kirtan is an inspiring way to express our love and longing for the Divine. Mantra takes us beyond the mind and points to That which ultimately has no name or form in a direct and experiential way. Our gatherings are devotional in nature and can be both deeply meditative or wildly ecstatic, inspired by the devotional and non-dual traditions of India.


A yearning to keep deepening my own experience brings me to Rishikesh and Tiruvanamalai in India often, where I share kirtan and find inspiration in the wisdom and love of my teacher and sacred places.


I feel so excited to be recording my new album 'Cave of the Heart for you soon!

For the making of this new album I would like to ask for your support.

If you preorder 'Cave of the Heart here I will be able to go to the recording studio with great musicians and pay for the production.


Noah Hoffeld will join me on some of the chants, some of you may remember how heart touching the Purnam mantra sounds with his deeply moving cello tunes!

a new album 


The way in which you give space to silence is so powerful. Your offering is the perfect integration of Kirtan, Bhakti, non-duality, like a deep meditation.

- Edward

- Anna

"It's so wonderful how you are able to sing with such ecstacy and yet the silence is always so very present" 

I am so greatful, she is sooooo beautiful. It just feels so right. I am touched by the way you lovingly packed the mala and it feels like a true gift to receive. 

- Mala Costumer

"Your voice feels so clean, and I mean it in a deep way. Soft, gentle, and little or no energy between the sound's origin and its expression. 

Such heart in your tone. " 

- David