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Sweetness of Surrender

The yoga I share is a poetic mixture of gentle meditative movement, devotion and embodied non-dual exploration. When exploring the body from a place of not knowing, just welcoming all sensations without trying to label or understand them, we enter a space in which the unbounded and very alive stillness that is our true nature can reveal itself. In this exploration echo's of past experiences may come to the surface and are able to slowly dissolve in the welcoming space of our loving awareness. In my meetings we practice a gentle natural breathing to feel the sweetness of surrender.

Often when particpants enter the room I welcome them with a meditative mantra and we close our meeting in this way too.

Restorative yoga

This yoga form is designed to support the nervous system to come to it's natural balance. We rest in poses for about 15 minutes, fully supported by blankets and cushions. The light is dimmed, the room is warm and we use eye pillows to invoke the relaxation response. Restorative yoga is a great way to nourish the body in stressful times, when we feel overstimulated, fatigued, after (mild) traumatic experiences or during illness.

Frequent practice of restorative yoga reactivates the parasympathetic nervous system and reduces stress hormones.

While resting in the pose memories or images may come to the surface to be welcomed and let go of.

Restorative yoga has supported myself a lot after a traumatic car accident in India and in the healing process that followed a major surgery. I find it gentle and soothing on all levels of being. I feel it is helpful to have some sense of safety and relaxation in our body mind systems before we can begin a deeper exploration and restorative yoga offers this to us.

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