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Ganga Ma Kirtan

Love for Love

With my singing I wish to invoke and reflect the stillness and vibrancy that is felt in the moments of Pure Love and Joy.

There is nothing sweeter to me than singing together and to feel how lover and Beloved merge in a blissful ocean of sound.

The first time I chanted a Sanskrit mantra during a fire ceremony in India, I felt like coming home. I was deeply touched by the special quality of devotional attention and the power of the Sanskrit language. I just love the way it resonates in my body and softens everything, especially the heart.


I facilitate both ecstatic kirtan in bigger groups, as well as the deep meditative reciting of mantra. My chants are also an inspiring contribution to retreats, satsangs, teacher trainings and yoga workshops.

Please contact me if you feel inspired to collaborate.


The way singing connects us to our spiritual community is of great support on our individual awaking journeys. We can feel inspired and encouraged by the knowing that we are traveling this pathless path together. Hearing our individual voices merge into one vast ocean of sound is so inspiring and a pointing to the Oneness that is the deepest reality.

Our gatherings on- and offline are appreciated for their depth and sincerity. Participants value the safety of the sacred devotional space we create together, leaving our phones in our pockets.

'Cave of the Heart' has just been released. You can download it here

 "Cave of the Heart" and 'Bliss of Being' are both available on Spotify

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