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Yantra Painting
made to order

A yantra is in form and color what a mantra is in soundvibration. Each yantra reflects a different spiritual reality and has the power to awaken certain qualities within you. A yantra can be used as an object of meditation or as sacred art that lifts up and inspires the energy in a room. These beautiful traditional yantra's are related to the different Gods and Goddesses from the Indian spiritual traditions and others reflect the power of one of the nine planets in Vedic astrology.

In India I have seen many yantra's in temples and other sacred places and I have always been intrigued by them. In the beginning of 2021 I took a workshop with the great artist Pieter Weltevrede, and from that moment I have not stopped drawing and painting these mysterious sacred images. During lockdowns I had plenty of time to develop my skills and soon people began requesting me to paint a yantra for their homes and yogastudio's.


You can contact me to order a yantra made especially for you. Perhaps you know exactly which yantra you would like but I can also help you to make a choice.

Your Yantra​ is created with great care

  • Hand drawn and painted with great precision

  • Guache on high quality watercolor paper

  • Following traditional measurements and colors

  • Painted area 21x21 cm 

  • Acid-free passe-partout

  • High quality minimalistic wooden frame (30cm, optional)

  • Made with love and devotion

Ordering your custom made yantra

If you would like to order a yantra please contact me through the contact form on this site and share with me what yantra you wish or if you wish guidance in choosing the yantra that would inspire you most. I also love to know why you choose this specific yantra and how and where you will use it. Knowing a bit of background inspires me when I paint. 
The price of your custom-made yantra with passepartout lies somewhere between 225 and 375 euro, depending on the complexity of the design. 
Please allow a few weeks for your yantra to be ready, some orders may have come before yours and it takes many joyful hours of drawing and painting
 to create each one. If you need your yantra quicker you can ask me for possibilities to speed up the process. 50% of the price is to be payed up front, the other 50% + shipping costs before shipping or delivery.

Below you will see some of the yantra's that I have painted.


Saraswati yantra
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Ganesha Yantra
Bhairavi Yantra
Surya Sun Yantra
Sri Yantra
Durga Yantra

 Divine principles reflected in form and color

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