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Yantra ~ Surya/Sun with Passepartout
  • This hand painted yantra is reflecting the radiant power of the sun in form and color. It is connected with number 1 in vedic numerology.


    Sarah Tomlinson writes this about the sun yantra:


    "This yantra awakens spiritual awareness and an ability to know one's purpose in life, bestowing strength, endurance, and clarity upon one's sense of self. The Sun is the father of the solar system, denoting qualities of integrity, honor, and respect. ... I like to work with the Radiance Design (Sun yantra) when I feel overwhelemd by too many tasks. This yantra allows me to rise up and with bright optimism see easy and skillful solutions. It reminds me that within each of us there is a greater life force at work, if only we can get out of the way and let it come through. "


    Painted during the festival of light 'Diwali'.

    Yantra ~ Surya/Sun with Passepartout

    € 265,00Price
    • Why you will love it

      • Hand drawn and painted
      • Guache on watercolor paper
      • Handmade passepartout
      • Made with love and devotion
      • Inspiring work of art will bring divine energy to your home or yoga shala
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