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IMG_6036.JPG Kirtan Yoga Sacred Art Yantra Maditation Mantra


Yantra ~ Durga (with Passepartout) made to oder
  • This hand painted yantra is reflecting the power of the Goddess Durga in form and color.


    Harish Johari writes this about Durga and the Durga Yantra: 


    In Sanskrit Durga means "Invincible".

    Durga is the unified symbol of all divine forces. She is produced from the radiance of all the gods and therefore has their essence in her.

    Durga symbolies the non-dualistic existence of energized consciousness or conscious energy.

    Being the Divine Mother, she destroys the disharmony that is creating imbalance in the phenomenal world. 


    Meditating on the saffron color of Durga's yantra produces a calming blue color, which fills the aspirant with serenity and purity. The nine pointed start is specatacular and attractive, as in the Sri Yantra, and it is visually the most powerful yantra after the Sri Yantra.  

    The bhupur is of the color of sunlight because Durga is the divine radiance unified in a female form.

    The eight-petaled lotus of the yantra represents the octave of existence: Love, Mercy, Sacrifice, Penance, Selfless service, Devotion, Faith and Detachment from all achievements.

    The three golden rings represent the three phase of time – past, present, future.

    The nine-pointed star in the center, which is created by four triangles superimposed over one another represents the nine Shakti's. The overlapping of the triangles produces another traingle in the 

    The center of the yantra and the central triangle is the bindu, which represents the Divine Mother, whose each side is coming from the three Divine Forces



    Yantra ~ Durga (with Passepartout) made to oder

    € 265,00Price
    This beautiful yantra is almost finished, you can receive around mid June
    • Why you will love it

      • Hand drawn and painted
      • Guache on watercolor paper
      • High quality wooden frame with glass front
      • Handmade passepartout
      • Frame size: 40x40 cm (15,75 inch)
      • Made with love and devotion
      • Inspiring work of art will bring divine energy to your home or yoga shala
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