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Tripura Bhairavi Yantra with Passepartout
  • This yantra was so special to make, and it is with great joy that I present her to you.


    Tripura Bhairavi is one on the 10 goddesess of wisdom, the Dasa Mahavidya's.

    Bhairavi means terror- or awe-inspiring.

    She is the one who destroys the obstacles in the mind that create fear and stand in the way to come to full and steady awakening.

    Tripura refers to the three states of waking sleeping and deepsleep, and to the three planes of existence: physical astral and celestial (bhulok, bhurvarloka and swargloka). Tripura Bhairavi destroys all that keeps a yogin from moving beyond these three states to come to the stateless state of Turiyatita.

    She is the consort of Bhairav, a fierce form of Shiva.

    She is seated in the Muladhara chakra (the root chakra) and her power is seen in Kundalini, the transformative, intelligent energy.

    The Grace of Tripura Bhairavi destroys all that is not serving our spirtual journey and allows us to transcent what stands in the way. She destroys our attachments, identification, mechanical habbits, thought patterns and so on.

    Though this is what a spitiual seeker longs for, it is often quite a terrifying process, and this explaines the name of Tripura Bhairavi.

    The green color in the 'bhupur' represents steadyness and balance, something that is needed in order to make progess. While meditating on a green color produces a glow of red internally (fiery, courageous, revolutionary), meditating on the red of the lotuspetals creates a green glow internally. These two colors together thus create a balance. Purple is the color that refers to wisdom, the colden traingles point to the layers of the mind that stand in the way in the awakening process.

    The golden dot in the centre, the bindu, is Tripura Bhairavi herself.





    Tripura Bhairavi Yantra with Passepartout

    € 285,00Price
    • Why you will love it

      • Hand drawn and painted
      • Guache on watercolor paper
      • Handmade passepartout
      • Made with love and devotion
      • Inspiring work of art will bring divine energy to your home or yoga shala
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