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Gayatri Yantra with Passepartout
  • This yantra was such a joy to make, and it is with great joy that I present her to you. The color are so radiant and full of Joy, Love and Shakti. 


    Gayatri is the Goddess of the highest wisdom. She is lovingly called 'Veda Mata' (mother of the Veda's, the ancient scriptures and Savitri, the female form of Savitur, the Sun God.


    Some see Gayatri Devi as the personified form of the Gayatri Mantra, the great mantra to awaken our deepest knowing. She is worshipped through this chant at sunrise, and the colors of this yantra reflect way she paints the sky in vibant colors at this magical time of the day.


    Gayatri Devi has five faces that represent the five prana's. Each face has an open third eye, this refers to knowledge beyond duality. It is this knowledge that she bestows upon us.


    The golden dot in the centre, the bindu, is Gayatri Devi herself.





    Gayatri Yantra with Passepartout

    € 265,00Price
    • Why you will love it

      • Hand drawn and painted
      • Guache on watercolor paper
      • Handmade passepartout
      • Made with love and devotion
      • Inspiring work of art will bring divine energy to your home or yoga shala
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