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Ganesha Yantra with Passepartout
  • This hand painted yantra is reflecting the balancing and grounding power of Ganesha, the Deity with an elephant head, son of Parvatti and Shiva.

    He helps us overcome obstacles in daily life and on those special moments when we begin a new phase in our lives. He teaches us how to move through life with joy, playfulness and ease. Ganesha is also the protector of community. 


    Ganesha is related to the Mooladhara Chakra, the rootchakra.


    The green color of the 'bhupur' creates balance when looking at it.

    Green is made by mixing warming yellow and cooling blue.  

    The red color of the petals refers to the power of live, inspiration, revolution and freedom.

    The eight petals refer to the 5 elements and 3 guna's together. 

    The 6 pointed star also reflects balance and harmony, it is constructed by overlapping an upward and a downward pointing triangle. 


    The golden dot in the centre, the bindu, is Ganesha himself!



    Ganesha Yantra with Passepartout

    € 245,00Price
    • Why you will love it

      • Hand drawn and painted
      • Guache on watercolor paper
      • Handmade passepartout
      • Made with love and devotion
      • Inspiring work of art will bring divine energy to your home or yoga shala
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