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IMG_6036.JPG Kirtan Yoga Sacred Art Yantra Maditation Mantra


Including Mantra and Kirtan in your work

IMG_6036.JPG Kirtan Yoga Sacred Art Yantra Maditation Mantra


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Power of Vibration

The training "Power of Vibration" is created for yoga and meditation teachers who seek guidance and inspiration in how to use  mantra and kirtan in their work.

Chanting a simple mantra can help to set the tone for a class or session and it can deepen meditation and savasana.

At the same time a mantra can be an inspiring way to introduce philosophical principles to your students. 


There are many different ways of using mantra and in this training I will share all about it from my own experience.

After this workshop you will feel more confident to use your singing voice and have more information about the tradition and background of different mantra's.


* Learn simple Sanskrit mantra's and devotional songs and their meaning.

* Learn how to make smooth transitions from instruction into silence, into singing, into silence.

* Learn how to invite your students to sing with you.

* Learn how to combine certain mantra's with a particular focus in savasana practice.

* Learn how to sing without effort and feel more comfortable to use your natural voice.

* Get to know some simple instruments that anyone can play without any practice.

* Share your experience with other teachers and connect with colleagues.

* Receive audio recordings of the mantra's so that you can keep practicing at home.

*This workshop will give you very practical tools so that you can start chanting in your next class.

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