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Barefoot in the shrine

with Ellen Emmet

Barefoot in the Shrine

Ellen Emmet & Ganga Ma 



One Day At-Home Retreat

May 15th, 2021 (Saturday)


Ganga and Ellen invite you to join them in the shrine. 

Together we will explore our direct experience and let it reveal its essential reality of awareness.

Our particular focus is the body (the felt and tactile experience) and the heart, allowing them to be our mirror and our pathway our prayer and our altar, and ultimately the shining expression of our shared identity and infinite creativity.

Ganga will weave her chanting into our tactile and movement inquiry and her voice will help us embody our sharing and celebration. There will be time for questions and conversation and we will close our meeting singing sacred chants together. 


The Awakening Body


In our daily lives, the body is seldom tasted as it is. We rarely listen to its language or allow it to simply unfold and blossom in its natural original intelligence.

Using guided meditation, simple postures, free movements, breathing, and visualizations we will re-establish our true identity as ever-present and unlocated Awareness and reacquaint ourselves with our body directly, as free of concepts or images as possible.

In this contemplation, resistances and chains of bodily contractions, the habits that create the illusion that our identity is limited, located and separate are revealed and free to unfold as they are: feelings and sensations that come and go in Awareness. 



Words often fall short when we try to express the magnificence of our true nature. That is why many great mystics have turned to inspired music and poetry as ways to invoke, celebrate and transmit. 
Song and poetry can point so clearly to That which is beyond understanding and ultimately has no name or form.

Like in the yoga exploration, the chanting of mantra and kirtan invites us to be curious, natural, and receptive. We let go of the doer and become an instrument for the Divine, allowing Her to sing through us, effortlessly and innocent.  We simply allow the sound to guide us back to stillness. 

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6pm-7:30pm: Yoga Guided Meditation
8:15-9PM conversation
9PM-10PM Kirtan
(Indicated in Amsterdam Time)

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email. The day before the webinar you will receive another email with the zoom link and information to guide you through the process. 



The payment is on a donation scale of £20-£60. 


We kindly ask you to go to this page make a donation and then send an email to for the registration with your full-name and email address where you'll receive the zoom invitation.  

About Ellen

Ellen’s deepest intuition was confirmed when she met her teacher, Francis Lucille.  In his presence, she recognised the eternal, limitless and universal nature of our shared reality.  Over many years, her understanding deepened to touch all  levels of experience.  The process of aligning and stabilizing all aspects of her life to this understanding has continued to unfold since then. As a child Ellen loved to move and dance. She knew without words the joy and limitless transparency that the body dissolved into when it was free and alive.

As an adolescent and young adult, she acutely felt and enacted suffering through her body. Thus, the experience that we call the body has always been central to all of Ellen’s experiences, both in the ignoring and in the recognition of our true nature.

Today, Ellen offers meetings and retreats in The Awakening Body, sharing a direct exploration of reality sourced in the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism and self-inquiry as transmitted through Francis Lucille and his lineage.   In addition, she has a private practice as a Psychotherapist, and facilitator of Authentic Movement. Her background of Dance-Movement Therapy and Transpersonal Psychology is shaped by the non-dual understanding.

Ellen lives in Oxford with her husband Rupert Spira, also a teacher in the tradition of non-duality.