'Yoga is the art of becoming fully present and natural, listening to Life and allowing Her to move through you'


Your miraculous, beautiful body knows exactly how to breath, move, dance, sing, be - if only you listen and follow her.

What would it be like to step into the space of 'not knowing' when you practice asana.

To let go of all that you think you know and be fully open to the experience of each moment - again and again.

Gently and effortlesly melting your body into asana, surrendering the breath and listen to the wisdom that lies within.

Your yoga practice can be a delicious time of enjoying the intimate and natural dance of body and breath.

It can feel like making love with Life!


This is the constant invitation in my yoga classes: to soften, to listen, to follow.

To simply be just the way you are.

In doing so we become powerful, without any force. 

We do rest and move in asana, the yogic poses, but we explore what it is beyond the form.


By learning how to surrender and flow authentically in asana you will naturally begin to move in your life and relationships in the same way: with a joyful presence, soft yet powerful.




Each class we start in stillness, taking some time to feel the body and release the breath.

We then become the listener, and from there we gently start moving.

You will be invited to dive deep and stay grounded, your movements will be slow and fluid, graceful like a dancer.

I will guide you to naturally sink into the asana deeper and deeper without any effort.


Because I tune in to each moment every class will be different, but it will always be meditative and sensuous.

At the end of your class you can relax even more while I chant a mantra for you.


Classes are taught in English or Dutch.

Contact me for a private class.