Pilgrim holiday in Rishikesh and Haridwar


Have you ever felt each and every one of your cells say YES?

Yes to where you are, Yes to what you are doing, and a big Yes to the people you are with?

I experienced such a moment recently during a Kirtan night I hosted in Rishikesh, India. It was one of the most magical and most fulfilling moments in my life. A moment of pure perfection that still gives me goosebumps when I think back to it.


This experience ignited in me a desire to share the beauty of this fascinating land and it's people, the sacred river ganga, the temples, caves and jungle villages with others who have a genuine intrest in India's culture and it's spiritual wisdom.


I consider the inspiring pilgrim towns Rishikesh and Haridwar my home.

By living here in the foothills of the Himalaya's for a few years I have learned how to fully enjoy the abundant beauty of India without feeling overwhelmed.

This makes our 10 nights journey especially suitable for more sensitive people.


Perhaps it is because I carry the name of a river, but I like traveling to be fluid and spontaneous. Traveling this way, you will often find yourself at the right place at the right time, meeting the most interesting people. The magic of a true Pilgrimage can not be found in a standard package deal! For this reason I will take maximum 3 people on this journey. You can come with 2 friends, with your partner, or alone. You will stay in super comfortable rooms and eat the most nutritious food. India is quite an intense country that will offer plenty of opportunities to grow spiritually and personally, if you open yourself to her. We will take sufficient moments of rest to create time for integration.


I will help you with booking your flights and arranging your visa.

After your flight I will be waiting with a little welcome gift for you at Dehradun airport, and from there we will drive in about half an hour to Rishikesh.


Rishikesh 5 nights

'yoga capital' of the world


Since the beginning of time yogi's and yogini's have gathered here to spend time together by the Ganges, exchanging wisdom and experiences. Now it is a bustling little village with the best of east and west. (yes, really good woodoven pizza too).


Here we will meet sadhu's, meditate in powerful caves nearby, take a ganga bath on a quiet beach, attend a mesmerizing fire cermony, and stroll over a traditional market. We will drive through the hills to a shakti peeth temple (a temple full of feminine energy) and from there we will take a nice walk back to Rishikesh through the hills.

This is also the town where you can attend satsang, take yoga classes, have a good massage, learn how to make silver jewellery and see where the Beatles have been hanging out. I will take you to the best restaurants and introduce you to my friends. You will stay in a nice and clean room with hot shower in walking distance from my indian 'home'.



Jungle Village 3 nights

silence, nature, springwater and the warmest welcome ever!


After 5 nights in Rishikesh we will drive to a beautiful nature resort in the jungle (The sooner you book, the more chance we have that my favorite place is still available, otherwise we will go to another beautiful resort.) We will spend 3 nights here. This is perfect quiet place to digest all we have seen in and around Rishikesh. We will visit my friend Rajni. She lives in a secluded village and is always happy to welcome new friends and is looking forward to teach you how to prepare tasty traditional food on a woodfire stove.

There is a natural spring nearby with the most delicious water and if you are up for it we can take a beautiful one hour walk through jungle and farmland to a famous Shiva temple. But we can also just relax in a hammock and do some yoga.


Haridwar 2 nights

Shakti and Shiva temples and staying in Haridwars most luxureous hotel


We will finish our Pilgrim holiday with 2 nights in Haridwar, another important pilgrim town where the sage Anandamayi Ma has spend a lot of time. Her beautiful loving presence can still be felt in the lovely enclave surrounding her ashram. We will visit some of my favorite temples (a Kali temple you will never forget!) and have a thali in a traditional little restaurant. Here you will stay in a very luxurious hotel right on the banks of the sacred river Ganga. It used to be a traditional family house and will make you feel at home immediately!



If you feel this pilgrim holiday might be for you, don't hesitate to contact me.

I will do my best to answer all your questions! [email protected]



Prices include all transport in India, nice hotel rooms, 3 tasty and healthy meals a day, a jewelry workshop (make your own silver pendant, ring or earrings), one massage, visits to temples and caves, my daily guidance ( in english or dutch), 3 yoga classes led by me, one of my kirtan sessions.  

Not included are your flight to India, visa, travel insurance, shopping, extra snacks / drinks.


1 person, private room:         1925 euro per person

2 persons, sharing a room:   1375 euro per person

2 persons, private room:       1675 euro per person

3 persons, private rooms:     1575 euro per person


These prices are based on the more luxureous rooms and resorts and some more fancy restaurants. If you enjoy simpler rooms and local restaurants I can make a custom package for you with significant lower prices. Please ask me for options!


I hope to be offering pilgrim Holidays again from march 2021 onwards.  Because of the current situation I am not able to take any bookings at the moment, but please do contact me if you are interested in making this journey together in the future.  


If we decide to go on this pilgrimage together you pay the booking fee of 30% to confirm the booking and the other 70% is to be payed 2 weeks before departure.


Please ask me any questions you may have.

You can send me an email at [email protected] or call me at +31645366482


I look forward to meeting you,

Ganga Ma




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