"It's so wonderful how you are able to sing with such ecstacy and yet the silence is always so very present"  (Anna)


Words often fall short when we try to express the love and longing for the divine.

For me, art, poetry, music and silence are the most powerful pointers.

My voice feels like an instrument that invokes and reflects the stillness and vibrancy that is present in the moments of deep Intimacy with Life.

When we sing mantra and kirtan together, hearing all these many different voices melting in one ocean of sound is most inspiring.

Surrendering to the chanting and allowing ourselves to dissolve in the depth of a prayer can bring about great transformation and growth.


The chants I love to sing most are available on my two albums: 'Bliss of Being' and 'Nature of Love', both are available as a download and in my shop.


You are welcome to contact me to bring extra depth and spark to your retreat, satsang or workshop.



"You have melted many hearts"






"The voice of an angel. You are divinity in voice and in so many other ways." (John)


"Your voice feels so clean, and I mean it in a deep way. Soft, gentle, and little or no energy between the sound's origin and its expression.

Such heart in your tone. " (David)


"Thank you for sharing, touching and opening hearts with your strong, sweet, voice" (Peter)