In  this workshop we will explore the qualities that various mantra's have to offer. Through singing and reciting together we will invoke the specific qualities that are being expressed by the gods and goddeses of the yogic tradition. Qualities such as love, playfulness, surrender, passion, spaciousness, unity.


Often we begin singing with the more femenine qualities, first soft and round, then more powerful. From there we naturally land in the spacious qualities of the masculine, to end with a mantra in which the masculine and feminine unite in beautiful playfulness and love.


A mixture of meditation, visualisation, movement of the body and beautiful images will help you gain more insight about the meaning and gifts of each specific mantra.







The Medicine Buddha Mantra is a buddhist prayer that has incredible power, depth, healing qualities and beauty.


That is why I have created this workshop in which we will spend two hours with the medicine buddha mantra.


This is an intimate workshop in which you will have the chance to invoke healing in any aspect of your personal life, for others, for the earth.


We will share a lively conversation about what healing actualy is, I will explain the symbols of the medicine buddha and we will take a closer look at the meaning of the words.


In this workshop you will also 'receive' the mantra: we will take turns in singing for each other.


This workshop has proven to be deeply healing, conneting and touching.

Gayatri Mantra


This Mantra is probably one of the most popular ones througout the world.

It is a sacred prayer that originates from the Rig-Veda.

This mantra is all about the quality of the sun, of light.


In this workshop you will learn about the meaning of the words of the gayatri mantra, and the deities that are related to it.


With the help of meditation and asana we will explore the opposites of light and darkness, radiation and reflection,  and see where these principles are present in our day to day life.



In Mantra Yoga and Kirtan we use the power of the vibration of ancient yogic prayers. This practice is very powerful, and not only yogi's know this. Since the beginning of time many spiritual traditions have seen the value and importance of using the vibration of sound in their practices and rituals.


Chanting opens the heart, stills the mind and invites you to sink a little deeper with every repetition of the mantra. In the workshops we will sing and recite together. Meditative, wildly ecstatic, and everything in between.


I am offering different kinds of deepening mantra yoga workshops and Kirtan gatherings. For yoga teachers there is a special workshop in which they learn how to incorporate chanting in their classes. 


My gatherings are loved for their depth and sincerity and people appreciate this sacred space in which they can feel safe to be fully open to what the chanting reveals to them.


Singing for people during, before or after satsang is my great joy, I have been singing with people in churches, ashram's, temples, retreats in different continents.


Power of Vibration:

Workshop that guides yoga teachers in chanting and singing for their students.


Mantra yoga is often being called yoga of the heart and I feel passionate about supporting yoga teachers to bring the heart opening vibrations of mantra to their students.

When chanting or singing mantra's for your students you create an environment for them in which they can sink deeper into meditation and relaxation.

As a teacher you might feel a little bit shy about using your voice in this way.

Or you might feel you are still lacking some knowledge about the mantra's and their meaning.

After this workshop you will feel more confident and inspired to include this important aspect of yoga into your teaching.


In this workshop you will:


* Learn simple sanskrit mantra's and bhajans and their meaning and learn how to make smooth transitions from instruction into silence, into singing, into silence.



* Learn how to combine certain mantra's with a particular focus in savasana practice.



* Learn how to sing without effort and feel more comfortable to use your voice.



* Get to know some simple instruments that anyone can play without any practice.



* Share your experience with other teachers and meet new colleagues.



* Receive audio recordings of the mantra's so that you can keep practicing at home.


Singing mantras or playing a simple instrument when your students are resting in savasana is a wonderful way to deepen their experience of expansion. This workshop will give you very practical tools so that you can start chanting in your next class!